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          We had the best ever first day & were still seeing customers right up to the last minute of the final day

          Justin Burke   Sega Amusements International

          …the show has delivered quality buyers…

          Debbie Malin, General Manager Astrosystems

          Organised By The Industry

          For The Industry

          Both EAG International and Visitor Attraction Expo are presented by the industry's trade associations bacta and  BALPPA.  That means that they are run purely to help the industry, by people who understand the industry.  So you are guaranteed to get the show you need.

          Pure Coin-Op Pure  Pure Amusement 

          Pure Parks  Pure Business

          No confusion

          No distractions

          Only The visitors you want

          Buying the products you sell

          These events mean real business

          The Top Brands And Leading Names

          EAG and VAE have earned the support of the industry's leading names and companies, establishing themselves as "must do" events.  Where the best suppliers present the best equipment to be bought by the best operators.

          Media Support Around The World

          A global media list

          An intensive press, advertising and promotions campaign

          EAG and VAE generate more interest and more press coverage than you could ever hope for

          Great Shows -  Great Time of Year -  Great City  

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